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The Beginning - The Early Years of the Corner Toy Store

In 2005, Ben and Amy MacRae started a small Ebay store to sell some retired Playmobil sets online.  Ben and his younger siblings had been Playmobil fans when they were young, and they had started carrying the line in their family Drug Store in Frankfort in the late 90s.   Ben remembers "It was just after Halloween, and we had some current Advent Calendars and Nativity Sets on the shelf, along with some discontinued tractors and farm animal sets.   We put 5 or 6 items on Ebay one night, and by the next day, they had sold.  We put another half-dozen sets online, and again, within a day they were gone.  We quickly ordered some more product in, and between Halloween and Christmas, we grew our Playmobil sales 10x!"    In 2006 and 2007, they kept growing the business as fast as they could, and in January 2009 they emptied out the storage area at the rear of the Drug Store building and they renovated it into a retail space.  May 2008 saw the Grand Opening of the Corner Toy Store's dedicated space in Downtown Frankfort.   Online sales were expanded to Walmart and Amazon in the 'teens, and then in 2020, sales shot up 400% during the Pandemic.  When so many parents and their kids around the world were stuck at home, they turned to toys and games to occupy much of their time.  "Christmas 2020 was so busy online that we had our packing "elves" packing and shipping toys from tables we had set up in the back of the Drug Store because we were just simply out-of-space to ship from!"   .... to be continued!